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What is Celebrate Recovery?

Watch this quick video and get a basic overview 

At Celebrate Recovery we strongly believe that this ministry can benefit any and all.  The truth is that we are all hurting.  There is no such thing as a “perfect” church or a "perfect" person.  We can so easily fall into the trap of wearing a mask to hide from everyone.  We desperately and so diligently try to keep anyone from seeing the hurting person inside of us.


CR provides a safe place for us to take that mask off and begin coming out of denial, turn our life and will over to Christ’s power, begin identifying hurts, turn over our character defects, replace them with truth and positives in our lives, and ultimately give back from what we have been given.


Get started by joining us on a Wednesday night at 7 pm at Margot Hall located at 3400 12th NE Washington DC 20017. We are a few blocks from the Metro, on the Red Line, CUA stop.

    Celebrate Recovery Ministries and Initiatives 



CR Curriculum for Kids 5-13


Student ministry geared towards Junior High and High School ages


 A fellowship of bikers that

travel to share the good news


 The prison and jail extension of CR

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